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Welcome to My Village
Pediatric Dentistry

My Village Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to creating healthy smiles and happy kids in Bentonville, Arkansas. With a heart for helping, our educated and enthusiastic team provides the highest quality of care for your children. As specialists in Pediatric Dentistry and Interceptive Orthodontics, we can assure you that your family will be provided with the best dental treatment available!

My Village is so much more than just the name of our office; it’s the entire essence of our practice! We’re a community, a team, a family, a village! Our doctors and staff are committed to working together with our patients and their families to ensure that each child achieves their strongest smile.

We are a family-oriented dental practice with an office environment tailored to kids and the pursuit of perfect oral health. It is with genuine kindness, extensive experience and an innate understanding of our patients, that we are able to provide a Pediatric Dentist office that your family can call home.

Bentonville   Map & Directions
 Address:   1909 East Central Ave., Bentonville, AR 72712
Phone:   (479) 273-9302
Rogers   Map & Directions
Address:   1104 West Poplar Place, Rogers, Arkansas 72756
Phone:   (479) 621-9500

My Village Smiles Pediatric Orthodontics

My Village Smiles is our Orthodontic center where our staff is dedicated to creating ‘Healthier Smiles, Earlier in Life.’  We excel at Early Interceptive Orthodontics with treatments that not only straighten crooked teeth, but also address and improve skeletal and dental problems by correcting the underlying causes: improper breathing and swallowing.

Mouth breathing can cause a narrow upper jaw, cross bites,  poor growth patterns, more trips to the doctor for sickness, TMJ problems, and even, in extreme cases, sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing (SDB).  We use the latest imaging instruments to study airway and bite problems using our new ultra low dose 3D x-ray machine. Improper swallowing can result in tongue thrusting, speech problems and other muscular imbalances that may produce enough pressure to move teeth out of normal positions and change the structure of the face.

Addressing these causes earlier in life, when children are actively growing, has always made sense to me and now there are numerous complementary techniques to help kids return to more normal growth and development.  Most of our patients will not require conventional braces when they get older, so we say, ‘Better Faces, Less Braces.’ Our techniques include a blending of the latest European, Australian and American methods.  The best ages to get a Smile Check are 3-12 years old.

Rogers   Map & Directions
Address:   1104 West Poplar Place, Rogers, Arkansas 72756
Phone:   (479) 621-9500

We are beyond excited to announce the new Bentonville campus!